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Deploying Android TV STBs

The A-Z of Android, including Operator Tier – A White Paper By 3SS and Technicolor

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Contents of White paper
  • Foreword by John Moulding (Editor-in-Chief, Videonet), comments by Thomas Helbo (CTO, Com Hem), Kai-Christian Borchers (Managing Director, 3SS) and Gaetan Delcroix (VP Video Product Unit, Technicolor Connected Home)
  • Android TV Benefits at a glance
  • AOSP, Android TV and Operator Tier
  • Building Blocks of an Android TV Solution
  • Case Study – Com Hem launches first hybrid TV Operator Tier Platform
  • Questions and Answers from the Webinar




The Android revolution has truly begun. Google’s latest proposition, Android TV Operator Tier, has proven to be highly attractive to operatorsTV subscribers can enjoy the familiar and rich experiences of their mobile devices while benefiting from all the most attractive services like Netflix out-of-the-box and voice operation via Google Assistant.

In 2018, 3SS and Technicolor collaborated to bring the world’s first major hybrid fully customized Android TV Operator Tier project to life for Sweden’s largest service provider Com Hem. 

Included in this White Paper

Deploying Android STBs is a sure-fire way to give your subscribers a TV experience they will love. But fully tailored Android projects are complex – there is a lot you need to know, both in terms of the nuts and bolts of system integration, to ensuring you are fully compliant with Google’s requirements.

AOSP, Android TV and Operator Tier
Know the differences and benefits.
Architecture and integration
Deep-dive into the system elements to optimize your Android service.
Launcher Customization
Maximize your brand, get closer to your audiences, create new revenue opportunities.
Working with Google
Choose the right partners to accelerate and optimize your project.

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