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O2/ Telefónica O2 VOD Store

PC VOD Portal for Mobile Operator

In cooperation with our customer Nowtilus, we developed the PC VOD portal of O2 for the German market. 3SS was responsible for the development of the PC front-end, a single sign-on process as well as integrating and expanding the OSS/BSS of O2 different backend modules like the recommendation engine of Neptuny (ContentWise) and the Nowtilus MAM backend.
About O2/ Telefónica

Telefónica Europe plc was a European broadband and telecommunications company that traded as O2. The company originated as a collection of worldwide telecommunications companies, known in the later half of the 1990s as BT Wireless, and a global mobile data business known then as Genie Internet, both subsidiaries of British Telecommunications.

Telefónica Europe provided mobile telephony operations in the United Kingdom and Germany, and licensed its brand to former operations in Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. O2 has additionally established a joint venture with Tesco Mobile in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in Slovakia, and the Tchibo Mobilfunk network in Germany.

As part of a reorganisation of Telefónica in 2014, Telefónica Europe's holdings and operations became direct subsidiaries of its parent. Telefónica Europe's subsidiaries continue to operate under the O2 brand.


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