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Zattoo Zattoo STB Frontend

Whitelabel OTT TV Frontend for STB

Based on the Zattoo OTT TV playout, 3SS consulted Zattoo on the implementation of a STB frontend. 3SS did the concept and design as well as the implementation of the frontend on the required ABOX42 STB. The frontend is easily customizable for different B2B clients of Zattoo and is maintained by 3SS. It is build on top of the ABOX42 middleware and connected to the Zattoo playout system for linear OTT channels.

The application is build with HTML5 and JavaScript in a modular structure which allows easy adaptation and implementation of additional features. It is optimized for speed and performance on the browser based STBs provided and uses libraries from the 3SS DejaVu Framework which allow easy adaption to other devices.

The application uses a PHP middleware layer inside the box running on a local webserver which communicates with the Zattoo API and provides a caching mechanism to cache EPG and Program Information for several days in the background to speed up loading times and navigation.

About Zattoo

“Internet TV is everywhere. Zattoo is driving and leading it.” Zattoo’s launch coincided with the 2006 soccer world cup, pioneering as Switzerland’s first provider to make free and live TV available on PCs. Since that time Zattoo has represented the distribution of live and linear TV over IP technology. Zattoo enables the Internet generation to consume linear live TV whilst remaining entirely independent of the conventional TV sets in their living rooms. Zattoo provides high quality live TV content. In addition to Germany and Switzerland, Zattoo currently offers its service in Spain, France, Denmark and the UK – all with country specific channel offerings.
Zattoo’s live TV service can be received anywhere- on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Each registered user receives an account that can be used on all devices on which Zattoo is available for use. Zattoo is Europe`s largest provider of linear live web TV. A mere five years after being launched, almost 10 million users are registered with Zattoo and an audience of one million unique users is reached every month. At 20 million video views per month, Zattoo is a competent partner with maximum reach for agencies and advertisers involved in web video advertising.


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