Arqiva InSite

3SS helps Arqiva better serve customers with powerful new portal

Arqiva turned to 3SS due to 3SS’ growing reputation for delivering highly functional interfaces that empower the user and, importantly, powerful solutions that are underpinned by world class software engineering. After a few weeks of consultation and agile development, 3SS delivered to Arqiva a new customer portal, Arqiva InSite, that meets all of Arqiva’s requirements.

The Solution

Now live, the new Arqiva InSite enables customers to easily see data on platforms and products from right across the Arqiva business as well as enabling them to access relevant third party information.

A large part of the effort required to deliver these new online capabilities was to develop a core scalable platform, enabling Arqiva to share live service data with its customers, irrespective of the product or business unit supplying the information.

Arqiva InSite mines and curates data from different sources across the global Arqiva resource base and presents it all in a way that maximizes relevance and understanding for the user. Expandable and flexible, Arqiva InSite uses local knowledge and resources to quickly define and deliver information-rich data feeds while providing a single user interface featuring a unified look and feel.

The client facing “Customer Portal” is where Arqiva clients have access to their scheduled assets. They can also learn about any potential issue in advance, enabling them to make adjustments to the transmission plans in time for broadcast. Meanwhile, the “Client Management” area is where Arqiva employees can access and manage clients’ services, and offer continuous support.

With the help of 3SS, Arqiva InSite’s user friendly dashboards, schedules and asset status reports keep all Arqiva customers up to date on all key performance and availability metrics, 24/7. It also informs users of Arqiva’s cross-portfolio capabilities and offerings. And Arqiva can better support its customers by delivering the solutions they need in a much more powerful way.

About Arqiva

Arqiva is a British telecommunications company which provides infrastructure and broadcast transmission facilities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, along with commercial WiFi and smart meter facilities for Scotland and the north of England.

“We turned to 3SS due to their growing reputation for delivering highly functional interfaces that empower the user, and for their world class software engineering.”


Vibeke Nicholas-Gjesdal (Head of Customer Experience, Arqiva)

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