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We are searching for passionate and experienced people to join the 3SS team. We want to offer you the opportunity for personal and professional development. That means you grow and develop alongside us, working in a dynamic, yet stable environment.

When you join 3SS, you will become a member of our #LearningOrganization, a dynamic team continuously exploring, evaluating and implementing new technologies to maximize development and improve application performance. We have a truly collaborative culture, we proactively share our knowledge and experiences with our colleagues and we expect you to do the same


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar
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We are always looking for qualified people in all teams! Don’t hesitate to apply for your dream job in Android, iOS, Web, Multitech, QA, Project Management, Solutions or Design:

Highly Specialized

At 3SS we work agile in a modern environment with experts in every department: Android, Design & QA, Web JS, iOS, MultiTech, Project Management and Solutions. There is always space for you to develop on multiple platforms.

Achieving more as a team
We achieve more by building together and having fun in a friendly & open atmosphere, accepting everyone as they are. We make sure to keep a good spirit and inspired culture through a variety of activities.
Learning Organization
We are constantly learning together and from each other. If you stumble, make mistakes, you will have someone to guide you. We want to help you grow personally and professionally.
Striving for Excellence
We are striving for excellence to build the best solutions possible. That takes focus and commitment, but also trust in each individual. With a common mindset our way of working together is being shaped organically.


In a world where technology is constantly changing, advanced software engineers need to have a strong foundation on which to build and grow. And learning never stops.

Professional growth, embracing the new and the constant drive to improve are core values in our 3SS #LearningOrganization. Through our strong, long standing partnerships with local universities we are eager to give students the chance to taste that special blend of theoretical information and practical knowledge that yields the best possible software development process.

Each year, our experienced colleagues, developers who specialize in a range of different technologies, project managers, QA, gather to guide students through our internship program.

Our commitment to learning, information sharing and internship started at the same time with the creation of the company. The number of students that have played their part on our team has grown ever since, but our objective has remained the same: “to give  students and young professionals a sense of the real life cycle of software development, just as we wanted when we were students ourselves”.

Internships 2020

Android: 06.07. – 31.07. – Targu Mures, RO
Android: 13.07. – 07.08. – Sumy, UA
Android: 20.07. – 28.08. – Cluj Napoca, RO
Web: 03.08. – 28.08. – Targu Mures, RO

Registrations now closed.

Here is what our interns say

Thank you for all your effort and for helping us

I quite liked the fact that every trainer was willing to help, whether we were in their team or not. They didn’t talk down to us, it was clear that their goal was to teach us as much as possible.

The trainers were very friendly. I felt very comfortable around them, I could be myself and do my best without stress.

Thank you for taking your time to teach us and share the knowledge! Because of you, everything seemed easier, and I felt great at 3SS!

For the future interns: don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t get stuck on solving a problem for too long. Communicate with the other teams, you need to be clear, not only on your own team’s progress, but the other’s as well.

I would recommend to the future interns to profit the time they have at the internship to gather knowledge from the trainers.

For the future interns: don’t hurry up to finish your task too soon, take some breaks from time to time, take your time and let the new information sink in and have fun in the process.

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